• Steve SunderlandSteve Sunderland, 8 years ago
    • typography seems really unrefined
    • scrolljacking is horrible — one swipe on my MBP trackpad scrolls all the way to the bottom/top
    • back button behaviour is ridiculous
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    • Daniel CondraDaniel Condra, 8 years ago

      Are you sure that you're looking at the same site I am? I don't see any of the issues that you mention.

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    • Robert Sugars, 8 years ago
      • We've fixed the behaviour of the back button

      • The behaviour of the trackpad scroll is more difficult to fix - small swipes will change to the next slide as expected. Larger swipes will register multiple events and jump more than one slide. This is due to the intertia of the trackpad which continues to fire events after you have finished swiping. As soon as we can implement a proper fix for this, we will.

      Thanks for your feedback

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      • Steve SunderlandSteve Sunderland, 8 years ago

        Wow thanks so much for responding to my feedback! I've been on the fence about ditching Adobe for Affinity for a while but, if this is any indication of the kind of customer support and user feedback you guys are providing, it'll be happening a lot sooner. Keep up the great work!

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  • Peter B, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

    Nice product

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