• Marvin KennisMarvin Kennis, almost 8 years ago

    What I think is missing on the website is an explanation of why I should sell on Lollie instead of on - for example - Gumroad. Is this supposed to become a viable way of selling products, or is it something I should use when I have some product laying around and am fine with it making just $10 to see where it goes (in which case, will it even be worth the effort)?

    If you believe in efficient markets, you'll always make less money selling something on Lollie rather than elsewhere where you can list it for the market price, because people will stop buying above the market price. So it's not going to average out the cheaper sales that have been made earlier. Just a thought.

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    • Karl Weber, almost 8 years ago

      What Lollie does differently is it's escalating pricing model. It makes it possible and easy. I imagine it to be used to sell products at a discount or as an introductory or promotional sale.

      We definitely imagine Lollie to become a viable way of selling products into the future. Features like setting a minimum and a maximum price, an inventory, or requiring an address for shipping would go most of the way to make Lollie a viable competitor to some other e-commerce platform. but for now the focus is on making escalating prices possible, easy, robust, and fun.

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    • Nathan GathrightNathan Gathright, almost 8 years ago

      I think the escalating price acts as a never-ending "limited time offer," but more importantly it's a social proof that the product is good.

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