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Friend and I have been working on an automated online watch price guide and marketplace (not much on the marketplace side yet, we're figuring that out) - [secondhander.com](www.secondhander.com)

Started off as just a friend's side project that he purpose-built for flipping watches. He got tired of researching watches and/or just sticking to the few particular models he knew well, so started automating the process a bit.

Slowly has grown into this. It's still hyper-focused on the watch enthusiast crowd and it almost requires a knowledge of what you're trying to search for. Next phase is going to include a more investigatory type search for the more casual user.

It has some quirks for sure, but I wanted to share the initial 'beta' (that's code for something I can't call done, ha). Searching from mobile is brutal right now, but that'll be fixed soon.

Watch person highlights: - over 40,000 watches indexed and priced and growing daily - real time ebay, greymarket, and online secondary market retailers indexed - sold ebay listings and forum history - most modern rolexes indexed by both the over-arching model, and also broken down by serial series (e.g. you can check an 116610 overall or break it down by G serial/Random serial etc)

Still kinda rough: - cross-browser work, it's ok but needs some focus - Search selects, especially on mobile (going to destroy the js replacement on mobile to use native control) - Weeding out duplicates (Catching some, but not all on the forum feed) - A few rolex mis-indexes - Patek and PAM needs a little tweaking


  • Bruce AckermanBruce Ackerman, over 5 years ago

    This is awesome! I'm into timepieces as well and was thinking of doing something similar. I'm sure you've seen watchrecon.com too. I always though the biggest difficulty was actually getting people to not post on forums and post on a listing site which would help verify the authenticity AND give people quicker/better search capabilities.

    Sidenote, I'm in Chrome and can't get the search fx to work on the homepage. Add me on gchat bcackerman AT gmail

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    • Mike Heitzke, over 5 years ago

      Thanks! Yeah I love some watchrecon. Yeah I don't think we'll ever be able to compete with forum posts, or the casual salesman. We have the forum feed currently, and we're just scraping sales off a few forums.

      Verifying authenticity would be huge. In the buying/selling timepiece space, the ebay/vendor sites come along with massive fees. It'd be good to eventually try to grow into that space, maybe something to the effect of https://reverb.com/

      That's concerning about the search though. Are you on mobile? Right now it's setup to take manu first, and then requires a hit of a few characters in the model field to give you some results. Naturally there's some room to grow with that UI element.

      Added you though, love to chat some more about it

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