• Matt SistoMatt Sisto, over 10 years ago

    I just realized that the icon is an apple, not a tomato.

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  • c kizerc kizer, over 10 years ago

    Right but they had all year… it's clear they had a different style in mind then switched it quickly. They also didn't add much needed features. iOS barely caught up with Android features, like a different keyboard input (huge feature) better features in the busted ass Messages, simple new ideas are lacking… it seems like they focused all attention on the visual theme of the UI, but even in doing that they couldnt do it right…

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    • Kyle Mitchell, over 10 years ago

      I think the sentiment generally is, lets just give them a moment... considering the final version won't be available for a few months, refinements could definitely be coming.

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  • Allan BergerAllan Berger, over 10 years ago

    I’m quite positive, in general I like the flat approach and also the UX improvements. The new the control center is very handy and time-saving and there are nice little details i.e. moving lockscreen background while tilting. there is still huge space for further improvements which apple will use for sure.

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