• Jayna Wallace, over 8 years ago

    From desktop to mobile to app, this year’s winner works. Everywhere. On anything. It provides a richer news experience than any one “site.”

    I wish they went a bit more in-depth on their criteria. The one area where Facebook fails (again and again and again) is providing timely and relevant news. Whereas Twitter can give you instant updates as soon as they happen, with commentary, I'll often see "breaking" news stories on Facebook that happened days and sometimes weeks earlier. The only area of Facebook you'll see news that's less than 24 hours old (sometimes not) is in the trending column. So Facebook won on account of one column showing a list of relevant news stories?

    Bravo, SND.

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  • Angel ColbergAngel Colberg, over 8 years ago

    I don't get it. Not Twitter?

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