• Eric H.Eric H., 5 years ago

    Just a side-note - this is a repost of https://news.layervault.com/click/stories/47488 from 2 hours earlier (from myself). This isn't a gripe or whine, just a curiosity: there used to be a barrier in place for reposts, a warning of "Are you sure? This was posted [X] hours ago." Is that not in place anymore?

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    • Aaron Ng, 5 years ago

      Interesting-- didn't see that pop up or I wouldn't have posted it. Sorry!

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      • Eric H.Eric H., 5 years ago

        No biggie! I was just curious if something was up with the site.

        It would be cool if, like HN, a re-post simply added to the original. Perhaps someday.

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  • Yannick LungYannick Lung, 5 years ago

    Does anyone know if Photos.app still supports faces as iPhoto did? I love this feature so I'm still thinking of making this switch.

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  • Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, 5 years ago

    I currently back up all my photos to a paid Dropbox account, and it works fine for me. I enjoy having access to the actual files unlike iPhoto or this new Photos app.

    However I like the Photos UI in iOS and presumably on OSX, I like the built-in editing tools, and I want to have native iCloud syncing of my photos because I also share albums with my family a lot. Also the iCloud storage pricing is reasonable and I would be willing to pay for enough to store all my photos.

    Should I switch to Photos? Is there any way to keep the actual files and also import them into Photos? Dropbox has iPhoto sync, does that work with Photos?

    So many questions!

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    • Account deleted 5 years ago

      You can still get the original image files out. Right click the library file, select “Show Package Contents” and look in the Masters directory. These are the original imported files with no edits applied. If you want to retain your edits you can export everything from Photos.app from within the UI.

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      • Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, 5 years ago

        I just discovered an even better way!

        On icloud.com Photos section you can download individual files or videos natively without having to dive into the library package.

        Very cool!

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