• edgar staedgar sta, over 8 years ago

    Don't like it when a writer uses swear words. Don't see the point - it doesn't add any impact, it's not a novel. All is see is Fuck and I lose interest

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  • A. PociusA. Pocius, over 8 years ago

    I was working from home, but no matter how well I planned my day it still was really hard to have motivation, for the whole day, when around me atmosphere was not really suitable for workspace. There was too many distractions and household thing to deal with.

    Luckily my friends started startup so I joined them, just for the workspace. It helped immensely my productivity when you have around yourself people who are working instead of thinking about day-to-day things.

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  • Emelyn BakerEmelyn Baker, over 8 years ago

    Excellent advice. I've found the same: if I don't have a granular, structured plan for the day — and I seriously mean granular, I'll mark it down to the minutes — I'll laze around and lose motivation.

    Excellent tips from Jason.

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