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Hi guys,

I'm looking for a College in Toronto to study more about Design/Interaction/Mobile/New Medias. Do you have any recommendation?



  • Evan DinsmoreEvan Dinsmore, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

    Would highly recommend York/Sheridan (YSDN)

    Edit: It's a bachelor program (4 years) though.

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  • Jesse PociskJesse Pocisk, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

    Highly recommend the Sheridan post grad web design program in Oakville. I learned more in this 8 month program then in the 3 year design program I was in previously.

    Edit: They also have a fairly new interaction design course (4yr) worth checking out.

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  • Tyson KingsburyTyson Kingsbury, 8 years ago

    Like Paul, (who posted earlier) I'm also a grad of the George Brown program (albeit from the early 90s) also can't say enough good things about the program....

    for starters all the profs/teachers are generally industry veterans... the projects we got to work on were pretty great...and like it was mentioned, there were a LOT of them. bit of an overload that first year for sure... but, it was an amazing experience....it's right in the heart of the media/design district, it's close to Betty's (and if you're in advertising and design, you should be a regular at that place...) still in touch with some of my buddies from that graduating class, 20 plus years later...

    your mileage may vary, but i absolutely loved it at GBC....

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  • Varun VachharVarun Vachhar, 8 years ago

    Heard good things about OCAD and Ryerson.

    Everyone I know who went to York hated it – the school and the administration, not necessarily the programs.

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  • Emma Smith, 2 months ago

    The University of Toronto has good courses on this subject to help you learn about design and user interactions. Also, the project https://collegepaper.net/college-papers-for-sale/ can help you with an essay for admission or application

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  • Emma Smith, 4 months ago

    There are many good technical colleges in Toronto that can help you. For example, Humber College has several programs that may be suitable for this purpose. Also think about the essay you will need for admission. If anything on the site https://typemyessay.me/ there are several solutions in this regard

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  • Sudeep Kumar, 8 years ago

    I went to George Brown for the Advanced Digital Design program. I heard the program has been extended to 1.5 years now.

    ADD program was pretty good, it gives you a bit of everything to let you choose your path, but this also means you don't have expertise in any single area. So, there's a bit of design, development, multimedia production and management in this program. I was pretty focused on Interaction design and did not really focus on 3D and stuff (unless you want to go into motion graphics) but whatever rocks your boat. I got into an Internship and a Fellowship during the program (outside college) and that taught me a LOT + I got a job right after I finished the program.

    With your main focus being Design/Interaction/Mobile/New Media. Would i recommend it? may be and maybe not. Otherwise, the IxD program at Sheridan is really good but that's a 3 year program.

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  • Paul LPaul L, 8 years ago

    I went to the School of Design at George Brown College and I couldn't recommend it enough.

    The "Orange Box" (student work area) is always decked out with the latest equipment.

    And they're going to work you hard. I'm talking about 8 Design Projects due in one week. So you're going to have a lot of all-nighters. But it's worth it.

    They run a school like a big agency, so the transition was a lot easier for me when I started working in the real world.

    Check it out http://www.georgebrown.ca/design/

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  • Wayne Spiegel, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

    I'd recommend York/Sheridan Program in Design. It's a 4 years program where you'll obtain a Bachelor of Design Honours upon completion.


    I'm currently in my 4th year, and as much as I hate the program now, I couldn't be happier with where it's taken me.

    The program itself does a good job providing an overall design foundation. They offer interactive courses which only cover basic web knowledge. Projects don't include in-depth exploration of user-experiences, problem solving, etc. It seems they focus more about how your project communicates its content to the consumer.

    However, I've spent a great deal of time meeting with interactive professors to change the interactive curriculum and am pleased a few of my suggestions have made it through. Interactive courses have adapted a start-up-esque vibe. E.g. of a project: Explore current problems, propose a product, and design the product/solution. Students are encouraged to explore different types of interface interactions on mobile/desktop and good/bad user-experiences through documentation processes and presenting their findings to the class.


    I "hate" this program, not because it offers poor education, but it was slow for my pace and lacked knowledge I wanted to seek. Consequently, I've been spoiled and addicted from knowledge I obtained from my internships in the Bay Area.

    With that said, the program is known for housing talented individuals. Recently, companies like Facebook are now scouting students from YSDN as possible candidates.



    • OCAD is a great place if you're self motivated and looking to explore in a more flexible and creative environment on your own. Strictly speaking about digital design (mobile, web, interaction etc). I sometimes wish I went here instead of YSDN, but thats taking into account of my current self (experienced and knowledge hungry), and no my past self (100% noob).

    • Ryerson courses come from a business perspective. I believe it's 2 years business courses related to the field of design, and 2 courses that are actual design. I could be wrong on this one. What I do know is if you're planning to run your own studio/agency/startup, Ryerson is the place to go.

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  • Chantal JandardChantal Jandard, 8 years ago

    I've heard good things about Ryerson and OCAD, not sure about Seneca.

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  • Samuel Menezes, 8 years ago

    I'm interested in this one: http://www.senecacollege.ca/fulltime/INM.html, anyone who can say more?

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