Why, if the hamburger menu is bad for engagement, does everybody use it?

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I have read quite a few articles about how the hamburger menu is bad for engagement. But, its use is pervasive. Is it that end users are getting more accustomed to it, its other benefits outweigh its negatives or do people just continue to use a bad UX device?

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  • Keaton TaylorKeaton Taylor, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    Using the hamburger is a known, we have measurable data to suggest its strengths and weaknesses and we can work on ways to mitigate the latter.

    What would be your alternative I guess is the real question? The current solution solves the problem, even if it has to be given a crutch or two at times. Personally, I'm not sure the solution aside from replacing it with the word "Menu" at this point. Is there another icon we can appropriate and misuse?

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