Ask DN: What banking sites do you think have good UX design?

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Hi DN,

I'm very frustrated with the online tools my bank offers (especially the website) and wanted to write a post about both bad and good practices in online banking. Right now I'm starting a list of banks that are doing things right when it comes to user experience. I would really appreciate any contribution (if you have a good reference at hand). Case studies would be great but really links would be more than OK.

Thanks! JDV


  • Johnny JuiceJohnny Juice, over 8 years ago

    I'm a fan of Ally Bank. Very usable, efficient and lots of subtle, useful features (like hide/show account number)

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  • Carmen RuseCarmen Ruse, over 8 years ago

    ING got a lot of things right, from their entire service UX to the HomeBank portal and self-service tools. http://www.ing.com/en.htm

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  • Declan de WetDeclan de Wet, over 8 years ago

    First National Bank: https://fnb.co.za

    The design is a little whack, and it does have a few UX "don't"s littered around here and there, but for the most part, it's functional to the simplest degree once you've used it a little bit. Their app is also great.

    This bank's UX principles might not beat banks in the global market, but they're leading the UX & innovation terms in South Africa.

    Customer service is also great, I once had an annoying friend with me when requesting a new card who kept mouthing off obscenities in a lame attempt to "troll" me, and the bank teller very kindly offered to slap him around a bit for me. I politely declined, but the thought counts. :D

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  • Jas HuaJas Hua, over 8 years ago

    YouMoney from Bank of New Zealand: http://bestawards.co.nz/entries/best-effect/bnz-youmoney/

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  • J AJ A, over 8 years ago

    Simple https://www.simple.com/

    These guys get it. Great mobile apps, great customer service

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  • Alex KregerAlex Kreger, 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago )

    Check out this detailed future banking reinventing case-study from TOP3 banking innovative software solutions in Europe - UX Design Agency for Finance: http://www.uxdesignagency.com/ux-fintech-case-study-of-how-online-banking-design-should-work

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  • Jon MyersJon Myers, over 8 years ago

    Hey Juan, please let us know when you put the post live.

    I'm very interested in this topic and in this vertical.

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  • Bud ParrBud Parr, over 8 years ago

    I'd agree with both the comments already here. I'm assuming you're talking about the internal pages and not the marketing sites.

    Among the banks I've had any experience with(BofA, Chase, FirstUSA, Amex, Etrade), BofA gets a lot right.

    Simple, which I'm a heavy user of (both the app and site) is true to its name, both in functionality and usability. It achieves something that I think is unheard of in banking —indeed, not thought of—it strips away the intimidation and pain of looking at your spending and bank balance. That really is good design!

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    • Juan Velasco, over 8 years ago

      Thanks, Bud.

      I'm interested in both, actually. Internal pages, balances, account information, transactions in general are usually neglected parts of the experience since it's usually more heavy technically speaking and therefore "harder" to adapt to actual user needs. Now, the way they handle their marketing, language, tone, communication, prioritization, etc is also interesting and, in sites like Simple, a huge differentiator from the get go.

      I really appreciate your contributions and will take a look at the ones you mention in your second paragraph. I'm honestly not familiar with most of those.


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  • Vincent Le MoignVincent Le Moign, over 8 years ago

    Bank of America is fantastic! Great UI and features. The worst website I know: HSBC (Hong Kong). A shame for such a big company. It't a tim machine to go back in the 90's.

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    • Juan Velasco, over 8 years ago

      Hi Vincent! BofA seems to be the most popular answer so far. I will find a way to take a deeper look into their experience. Thank you so much.


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