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    The WSJ makes me want to rage, not with the site... but with the app. The app is hands-down one of the most un-usable pieces of garbage I've ever seen. Even app store reviews echo my sentiments.

    They had a simple, elegant app originally... and it was one of my favorites. About a year or so ago they must have had pressure from someone that it looked stale and overhauled the thing completely with the worst UX ever. On top of it, the app crashed constantly. Even a year later it will still crash about 4-5 times in a 30 minute session while I'm on the train.

    It's one of the biggest examples of redesigning something that worked - with something trying to be trendy for no reason or no benefit. On top of it - it's a buggy mess.

    It pains me to still pay like 27 bucks a month for the subscription... but in the end, I'm paying for the stellar content. I'm not asking for much ... just an app that doesn't crash and is useable. Heh.

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    URL: http://digiday.com/publishers/publisher-sites-make-designers-cringe/

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    I often edit the CSS with tools like Stylish. Just removing all the side columns and centering the content. And making the font size readable helps wonders in the experience.

    Here's one for Reuters for example.

    .main-content .grid4,.main-content .grid8 > .columnLeft {display: none;}

    .main-content .grid8 {margin: auto;float: none;overflow: hidden;clear: both;display: block;}

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