My company just launched our newest app, to help small businesses get more out of social media. It's called Observer, and it's available on the App Store now!

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Observer: Hashtags on your TV http://useobserver.co

I'm not a very frequent poster here, but I wanted to share what I've been working on recently. I run a small software studio here in North Texas (called 88 Oak), and while we mostly do client projects we do sometimes have time to do produce our own ideas. This is one that we're pretty proud of, and think it can have be really useful. Specifically it's got great potential to help small businesses do something with social media posts.

Using any iOS device (although we think an iPad is best), Observer lets you put any hashtag on any TV. I'll leave all the details out of here (it's on the website), but I wanted to include some promo codes for the community if anyone is interested in it. I'd love to hear any and all feedback on the app itself or just the idea!




  • Charles Ross, over 1 year ago

    A local marketing software, PromoRepublic enables you to bulk upload your posts and schedule them to multiple Facebook accounts. Alternatively, you can download a template and plan out your posts in Excel.This tool also allows you to schedule individual posts, including those to your website, Facebook page, and Twitter profile. It also allows you to customize your messages for each network and can even upload your own content. If you're using the tool for business purposes, you should try it out.

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  • First Name Last Name, 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )

    Why is this better than social monitoring tools like Brand24 or ViralHeat? - especially useful for any kind of companies. Where’s the idea? What problem is your app solving?

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    • Adam Selby, 9 years ago

      It actually isn't a social monitoring tool. It's an app meant to run on a TV or other display, showing posts from their customers and users with a certain hashtag. Perhaps my phrase "get more out of social media" isn't the best way to describe it. What we really wanted to do was make it easy for small businesses to get more posts from their users on social media. Showcasing those photos and tweets on a TV at your local bar makes it more likely that you'll post a photo from the night with their hashtag. There's not a direct monetary value for the business but it's really a marketing tool to increase people's (warning, buzzwords ahead) awareness and engagement. The more people post about your business (with your hashtag), the more people see it and think about it of course.

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