• P GP G, almost 6 years ago

    Could we not use the Dracula theme AGAIN?

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  • Lucian MarinLucian Marin, almost 6 years ago

    Nice initiative. I submitted Sublevel — I hope it gets in.

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    • Ryan Van GattenRyan Van Gatten, almost 6 years ago

      I don't think the site is ran properly. Lots of big-name Romanian startups aren't listed there. Like Bitdefender, Trilulilu or Softpedia. And I'm not even touching the browser-game companies that are almost everywhere.

      It's just basically a SEO directory for unknown names with better graphics.

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      • Radu NicolaieRadu Nicolaie, almost 6 years ago

        Not having those 3 names on the list makes this site a joke. I never heard of none of the startups on the list. I'll bet some of those links will go 404 in about an year.

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