What do you use for project management?

over 7 years ago from , Owner / Designer

I have a small design agency (me plus a few steady contractors, really). I'm looking for a Basecamp that's better than Basecamp.

Something that lets me organize tasks for me and my team, post updates – including files – to those tasks, group those tasks into buckets (within a project) and move them across those buckets, prioritize those tasks (across buckets and projects), bring clients into protected areas for discussion, provide consolidated views for each team member, etc. It should integrate with Dropbox. Ideally it integrates with Harvest, or Freshbooks for clean time-tracking. And, in a perfect world, this tool looks great and works reliably while doing this stuff.

I'm back on Basecamp now, but using it makes me want to stop using it, so I'm likely going back to Trello. But Trello is ugly, doesn't have client access, and has a bunch of clunky interactions.

What do my fellow design minds use?