• William SunWilliam Sun, over 8 years ago

    Can we get a bit more information on what this is – the website doesn't really say much and we're suppose to just give our email out?

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    • Marc Eglon, over 8 years ago

      Sure thing William. When you sign up, you'll be shown some hand-picked newsletters and if you choose to subscribe to them, you can click a button sign up (no need to enter your email again). We'll also follow up via email to let users know when we add fresh newsletters.

      I took the decision to limit the details upfront and instead, demonstrate how it works through the on-boarding process..

      But you're not the first person to ask for more details and I plan to test adding additional info upfront to see if it has an impact.

      Thanks a million for your feedback. Truly appreciate it.

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      • Namit ChadhaNamit Chadha, over 8 years ago

        Why is the list of newsletters buried behind the sign up wall?

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        • Marc Eglon, over 8 years ago

          Based on feedback like yours, I plan to add some examples before requesting users to signup, and I'll monitor the impact on conversion quality.

          I'd hoped I'd answered that in my previous answer, but guess I was unclear so here's a bit more detail.

          The way the platform works is that once signed in, users can subscribe to newsletters with one click using the email they submitted. So it's important that those emails are verified before accessing the newsletters. Last thing I want is to send junk email addresses to my favourite newsletter publishers.

          So the number one priority is to verify the email quickly and show users how it works through the live oboarding. I think this is the best way to understand the product.

          I took a punt that requesting an email for a newsletter subscription service would be a low-friction transaction given that the whole concept is based around email.

          And tbh, for a first-run test, uptake was way beyond what I expected, so I think the decision was the right one.

          Finally, by eliminating some elements (like showing examples before signup), I also learned how important they can be. If these feautures were always there, I'd never have received feedback like yours indicating that some people need more detail before submitting an email.

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  • Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, over 8 years ago

    "sex up my inbox" really?

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