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  • Chris Slowik, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )

    Just wanted to point out a couple new things we've been doing over at UI8.

    Today we just released the latest in our new style of icon sets - a whimsical design-related set called "Geekies". These are done in the same style as Foodies and Sporties, and they come in 3 forms: stroke, solid (not line), and color. We think you guys will really enjoy them. Snag 20% off Geekies by using coupon code"geekies" at checkout

    We've also had some other stuff coming out recently, including the Plus version of our very popular Edge UI kit for web. The Plus version takes advantage of the new ability to nest symbols for organization, and is really a dream to use.

    Finally, and not least: Freebies section! We've decided to make a dedicated place on our site to host all our free files. Here you can find the free version of Edge, along with our 3d icons and "Healthies", a free version of our upcoming health icon set.

    Hope you guys enjoy all the new content!

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