Analysis of an Advert: The Lidl vs Morrisons Campaign

7 years ago from , Product Manager at Shufflehub


Hi DN,

I've really enjoyed posting my projects here so I thought I'd give it another go.

I love advertising. I think the constraints that having to communicate a message / sell something put on the creative process lead to some really beautiful solutions. Living in London I am exposed to a HUGE amount of it, and a hobby I'm sure we all indulge in is trying to work out why some adverts connect with us and why some don't.

This is my first attempt at deconstructing an advert. It's a very interesting piece that Lidl (a discount supermarket) put out in response to Morrisons (a regular supermarket)'s claim that it would match all of Lidl's prices.

Please check it out and give me your feedback.


If you come across any adverts that you would like to analyse please get in touch. I'd love to post other people's analysis in this same space.

Thanks DN!


  • Dave WhyteDave Whyte, 7 years ago

    I’m seeing “Squarespace trial accounts are not visible to the public”!

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  • Tino CellupicaTino Cellupica, 7 years ago

    I like the idea, and the general overview is pretty good. I would expect any article that picks up on the errors of something to be fairly well checked itself. You've called Morrisons 'Morrisions' a number of times and there are some other errors in there.

    Regarding what you've picked up as "Fairly standard things that a shopping website would ask for", while true, I think the point Lidl are making is that it's a lot of work compared to just going to a store where things are cheaper in the first place.

    Overall though, I'd look forward to more!

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    • Joshua Eichler-Summers, 7 years ago

      Haha. My bad re the spelling mistakes. You are right.

      Yes, I think the point you make is valid. The longer they can make that list the less appealing Morrisons becomes.

      Glad you liked it though. I'll write another soon (with a paid squarespace account!).

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  • Eirik SmedsrudEirik Smedsrud, 7 years ago

    Im no expert in this area, but the first thought that crossed my mind is that you might have missed the mark by assuming Lidl want the ad copy itself to be associated with their brand. I assume its seperated from their brand and dulled down to mimic a more generic news item on purpose. I also think the bullet-list is adjusted to look as massive and daunting as possible to reinforce the point the ad is trying to make.

    I like the idea of short and concise walkthroughs/breakdowns of ads though, keep it up!

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