• Nirzar PNirzar P, over 8 years ago


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  • Moeed MohammadMoeed Mohammad, over 8 years ago

    Can we stop the fetishization of pieces of metal? Please?

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  • Kristian KrisaKristian Krisa, over 8 years ago

    Interesting to see designer being happy with shooting on auto all the time.

    Also i find it pretty awesome that there are designers valued like this. I mean viewfinder 600 dollars no problem, brand new iphone, luxury cars and houses... from the work i understand he is an industrial designer (because the graphic is not too exciting). Does it mean that industrial designers are valued more? Not that i am envious or anything (i am not even american) its just interesting.

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  • Jodi WarrenJodi Warren, over 8 years ago

    He does seem to truly love the camera, which is great. However, this is not a great review. For a very, very particular set of circumstances, this is going to be the best camera. I'll guesstimate at those:

    • A deep interest in beautifully crafted objects.
    • A strong interest in the gorgeous Leica rendering.
    • A great deal of disposable income.
    • Not a great deal of interest in full manual control.
    • An exclusively hobbyist shooter.
    • Primarily shooting for high-quality lifestyle shots to be shared at web resolutions with little-to-no adjustment.

    I don't mean to undermine Kim's obvious enjoyment of his camera, but this really is a vanity piece.

    I wholeheartedly agree with this:

    Yes, the Leica T is a niche product, and yes, it’s expensive. We can argue about the T all day long but in the end, it’s just a camera and all that really matters is that it takes photos that its owner is happy with.

    FWIW, I have handled this camera since Kim's initial review, and as a long-time photographer, and sometime pro, I would not recommend it to anyone. At least, to nobody who isn't stubborn/knowledgeable enough to ignore my opinion.

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    • Agusti FernandezAgusti Fernandez, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

      I've to ask, Why not?

      If one feels identified with Kim's reasoning, and has the money, what should them buy?

      I mean I loved the photos the dude made with the RX1, but even him is saying there was a lot more tweaking on Lightroom to get that look, and that with the Leica T, he kinda got it from the camera, not post-processing.

      If someone wants something 'easy', that makes beautiful photos like the ones shown by Kim, and is OK or sees even as a feature the lack of 'pro' options, and has the money, what should him buy?


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      • Jodi WarrenJodi Warren, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

        Why wouldn't I recommend it to anyone?

        I found the ease of control to be merely okay, the user interface to be relatively obtuse, the actual feel of it in your hand to be not particularly pleasant. It is a beautiful object, machined to an absolutely stunning level, but it's not just to be looked at. It's to be held in the hand, to almost become an extension of you. That's where it really falls down for me. IMO about £3000 is far too much for a mediocre body and viewfinder, and an amazing lens, no matter whether there's a red dot on there or not.

        Now I'm not saying there aren't other opinions out there. Nick Rains really liked it (though as a sponsored Leica ambassador I'd take his opinion with a pinch of salt), as did Olaf Willoughby. My own experience mirrored that of DPReview a bit more.

        If the money really is no object to you, and it's just going to be a lifestyle camera, sort of a souped up point-and-shoot - then you'll surely find that the image quality is going to really please you. I'd strongly recommend trialling other small-body cameras though.

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    • luke zhangluke zhang, over 8 years ago

      Agreed, it is a very niche sort of camera. I do understand his desire for the Leica flat rendering, but even that isn't enough reason to recommend it. Objectively speaking, a fuji has a very similar flat rendering.

      I think if you are getting a Leica, you might as well get the M*

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      • Jodi WarrenJodi Warren, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

        I've not really compared files (as I don't own any Fujis or Leicas), but Fuji really do have very underrated lenses. I've got a couple of vintage Fuji primes which have a lot of (pleasant) character.

        The Ms are obviously mind blowingly amazing, if they are exactly what you need. I did some digital assistance for a photographer who exclusively shot with them, so got to play with his kit. Once you get used to the rangefinder paradigm it's actually a really pleasurable shooting experience.

        A M-class body and decent lens is going to run you approximately double that of a T-class kit though.

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