• Stephen GraceStephen Grace, 9 years ago

    This was the worst thing to happen in the history of software.

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  • Matthew ClarksonMatthew Clarkson, 9 years ago

    The author thinks that having the keyboard's alphabet going from lowercase to uppercase is jarring and un-Apple, although clearly more usable?

    It's perfectly fine on Android, Apple should have stole it after they've stolen everything else from Android's designers.

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    • Ivan VásquezIvan Vásquez, 9 years ago

      I too fail to see how this would be jarring. It's perfectly clear on Android.

      You could even do a nifty but subtle animation from uppercase to lowercase.

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  • Will BakerWill Baker, 9 years ago

    Not to be a dick, but are we seriously still talking about this? Who are we trying to engage with these posts? Apple? The complaint has been filed. Can we just move along into more compelling avenues of criticism? Over the last year, this has become the most basic critique one can write, like a grammarian writing about people mixing up 'you're' and 'your'.

    I agree (along with everyone else) that it's bad (not that I've ever actually had an issue using it… I mean, come on, guys, that's like living in another country for a year and never learning which way to look when you cross the street). I understand that hopes were strong it would be fixed with iOS 8, but the fact that it hasn't is shrug-worthy, at best. Apple's software is full of shitty and perplexing choices—let's talk about some other ones. Or, better yet, let's take on something other than the most obvious target available.

    Sorry for the negativity—I do think the title is clever.

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    • Stephen GraceStephen Grace, 9 years ago

      Hear hear.

      And people seem to forget that Apple is fundamentally operated by humans. With flaws. Cut them some slack. There's bigger things to care about.

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    • Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, 9 years ago

      the article doesn't even attempt to offer a solution. pure clickbait.

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    • Allen Pike, 9 years ago

      The article had two main goals:

      1. Give ammunition to those inside Apple who want to make this change, since I am still frustrated by the issue
      2. Provide entertainment

      According to Google Analytics, a few hundred people in Cupertino saw it, so perhaps retreading it was worthwhile. It also had an interesting side effect, which is I heard from many people like yourself whose brains adapted to the ambiguity and therefore don't understand the big deal, and a lot of people whose brains haven't and still struggle with this regularly.

      It's clearer to me now that there are distinct groups of people who do and don't struggle with this, which makes it feel almost like an accessibility issue.

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  • Zach ReedZach Reed, 9 years ago

    Has anyone made a custom keyboard that is exactly the same as the normal one but with this functionality? I can't stand the default shift key in iOS 8.

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