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Hey DN,

Now with iOS 8 out, I finally want to get my hands dirty with iOS Development. I have no experience in Xcode or the languages, whatsoever.

This is why I am calling out to the DN community because there are a lot of experienced iOS developers in this community. Can you guys direct in the right direction? Where should I start? Can you recommend me some tutorials or courses?

Anything helps!


  • Dino PaskvanDino Paskvan, 6 years ago

    I've always been rather partial to Treehouse, especially when you need to get started with something. They usually have excellent intro-level courses, with a clear progression towards more advanced topics.

    The community is also helpful and active on their forums, so often you can get help from other students and teachers rather quickly.

    They've had the Objective-C courses for a while and 3 days ago, they've added a bunch of Swift courses.

    Check them out: referral link / non-referral link

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  • Cole PetersCole Peters, 6 years ago

    I’ve been browsing through the Xcode and Swift chapters at http://designcode.io and found them pretty useful. Swift looks like an immense improvement on Objective-C in terms of not scaring the crap out of new programmers, syntax-wise. ;)

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