Ask DN: Vim users, what is your setup?

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I keep trying to use Vim, but end up switching back to ST3 or Atom. I'm using vundle with nerdtree, airline, ctrlp, delimitmate, and syntastic. What are you using in your Vim setup? Do you use the terminal or MacVim?

My .vimrc: https://github.com/mike-engel/vimfiles/blob/master/vimrc


  • Carolann Merchant, over 9 years ago (edited over 9 years ago )

    What do you think turns you off to Vim?

    Since I work at thoughtbot, I use the dotfiles we have in place.

    Personally, I don't use nerdtree. I use Silver Searcher or other "organic" Vim methods for moving around files.

    Using Terminal Vim. Not a fan of using MacVim but to each their own!

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    • Mike Engel, over 9 years ago

      I think the reason I keep switching back is because I don't know how to configure/use all the vim commands to make it act like what I'm used to. You may say, 'Well just use ST3/atom if it works for you', but I like the portability of Vim.

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      • Carolann Merchant, over 9 years ago

        You may be far beyond this - but I skeptically played Vim Adventures and found a lot of value in the muscle memory it enforced.

        In all other respects, I sympathize. Luckily I'm surrounded by a ton of people that know Vim like the back of their hand. Community has been key for me.

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  • Lisa SyLisa Sy, over 9 years ago

    This is my Frankenstein-esque vimrc file: https://github.com/lisasy/dotfiles/blob/master/vimrc

    Since I also work at thoughtbot, my dotfiles are forked from thoughtbot's.

    My plugins are organized with Vundle.

    I am a big fan of Ctrl-P, Surround.vim, and a lot of other goodies that allow me to navigate quickly around projects.

    Lastly, I use MacVim because I find that it feels faster to type in MacVim. I have a plugin that closes SCSS/CSS brackets on match, and I've always had the most difficult time configuring that in terminal Vim.

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  • Daniel PuglisiDaniel Puglisi, over 9 years ago

    Using Vim on the command line (iterm2) with the solarized theme. Plugins are organized with vundle.

    I usually work in project based tmux sessions.

    Here is my .vimrc and my dotfiles in general.

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  • Evan TraversEvan Travers, over 9 years ago (edited over 9 years ago )

    my setup

    I've been using vim full time since my second year in college, I think at least five years. I've done python, php, c++, c, ruby… everything lives in vim. I wrote most of my school papers in vim. I'm a little obsessed. :P

    I use vim full time in the terminal. I like the fact that it prevents distraction, and encourages me to focus.

    My .vimrc is on my github here, along with all the rest of my dotfiles. I usually use one of the base16 color schemes, but these days I'm pretty happy using seoul256.

    I use a lot of plugins… but fairly conditionally. Recently I started using VimPlug to only load the ones I'm using right now or when I invoke them. Helps just a little bit with startup time on a slow computer, although a slow vim is still lightspeed compared to ST2.

    If anyone has any questions… feel free to shoot them my way. I like helping people. :)

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  • Account deleted over 9 years ago (edited over 9 years ago )

    Started using Vim fulltime over a year ago. Using it from the commandline (iterm to be specific). Usually I have 3 tabs: Vim (with its own tabs), git and other (rails log, workers, watchers). Having access to all these tools with simple keystrokes is really powerful. As for my vimrc: https://github.com/eelcojellema/dotfiles/blob/master/vimrc

    Copy-pasted from several sources. Might wanna clean this up some time.

    If you're starting, keep it as clean as possible, and only add things you really miss.

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  • Larry HynesLarry Hynes, over 9 years ago

    I generally stick with terminal vim; I try to do as much as possible in the terminal and mvim is one less app to have open.

    I have caps lock remapped to esc.

    Here's my .vimrc, which lists plugins: dotfiles/.vimrc at master · larryhynes/dotfiles

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