• Zoltán HosszúZoltán Hosszú, 9 years ago

    Is this the new Samsung flagship phone?

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  • Abhishek SureshAbhishek Suresh, 9 years ago

    Plot Twist: What if this is Apple's doing? I would be really impressed with Apple if this was a part of their marketing propaganda. How? This is how I imagined it could be

    • Announce to the world that you are making an iphone 6
    • Come up with a normal looking prototype design, nothing amazing, just a larger iphone.
    • "Leak" some wireframes and renders. Keep everyone in the loop that there is something happening, (so nobody cares about other phones.)
    • Make some low profile chinese mobile manufacturer use their logo and create one of their prototypes.
    • "Leak" videos and photos to the internet.
    • Wait and watch how people react. Some like it, some are disappointed, some hate it, some tease it. Overall everyone lowers their expectations.
    • WWDC, release an entirely different looking phone that is way awesome than the one that was "leaked". Everyone is in Awe.
    • Sell, Sell, Sell


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    • Abhijeet Wankhade, 9 years ago

      Hahaha, sounds great as a fairy tale. But this has happened many times, apple has failed to surprise. But if they can really do that, well I'll be damned. :)

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    • Teodorik MenslTeodorik Mensl, 9 years ago

      I wish!

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    • Pierre de MillyPierre de Milly, 9 years ago

      More humbly, I like to think that they're diverting attention from other awesome new products (watch?) by intentionally leaking the iPhone 6 which they consider a standard iteration.

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  • David DarnesDavid Darnes, 9 years ago

    I don't know what is real anymore.

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