Ask DN: Whats the best service to communicate with a client?

almost 8 years ago from , Designer & Developer

Hi there, the email communication between me and my client doesn't work quite like expected, so I need another service to do that.

I like slack, but it's more of a communication tool between the developers, not between developer/designer and the client.

I know there is basecamp, but I somehow don't like it that much.

Do you have any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Stefan RösslerStefan Rössler, over 7 years ago

    Hi Daniel,

    could you please describe the communication problems between you and your client?

    I'd be curious about your perception of the situation and would also be interested in understanding why you think another service will eventually solve your problems for you.

    One short remark about Basecamp: give it a try! Even if you don't fall in love with it on first sight, the sheer fact that so many companies rely on it on a daily basis, lets me conclude there's something special to it.

    I think it's the simplicity which you probably don't need, but your clients, who don't like computers as much as we do, may appreciate this kind of simplicity that might be the reason for you to "somehow don't like it that much". (Although I I have absolutely no idea why you don't like it and this is purely speculative :).

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