• Dan CortesDan Cortes, over 7 years ago

    Just like Wander, I have no idea what it is without giving up info. Why is this okay?

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  • Sabrina MajeedSabrina Majeed, over 7 years ago

    I'm so confused I actually can't tell if this is an April's Fools joke or not :(

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    • Connor Tomas O'BrienConnor Tomas O'Brien, over 7 years ago

      Neither can I. If it is an April Fools joke, I'm assuming the joke is, "Our company's actual product is vapourware that we've been teasing for years and instead of actually releasing that, we're teasing an entirely new product that we probably won't launch either!"

      Seriously, I've been excited about Wander for over a year but I'm beginning to wonder whether we're dealing with a Duke Nukem Forever situation. If a product isn't read

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