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  • Denis Rojcyk, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

    Hey guys!

    My first post to designer news :) I would like to show you what I've been working on for last couple of weekends.


    Really easy to work with iOS .sketch template (iPhone & iPad ready).

    Full story

    "Should designers code?" No, I am not joking. The number of articles around this topic is incredible. The amount is so big that it got me questioning my own skills.

    Am I able to do some coding or dev work? Will I be overrun by those incredibly skilled youngsters? I needed to know. I had a huge sketch template based on my experience from some really big projects. It sounded like a great idea to build a website around it and make it public.

    So after a little bit of HTML, LESS, CoffeScript, GSAP js, Jekyll, Google Analytics, Git and SVG animation time I made this and I feel like a lot smarter guy already! Sure, it will take some time before I'll be able to use these tools effectively but it was a great learning experience.

    Feel free to like it at Dribbble , give feedback at Redpen (Mobile), report bugs at GitHub or simply comment here at Designer News :]

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