• Klein MaetschkeKlein Maetschke, over 9 years ago

    Fantastic. A catalog of people with too much time on their hands and no concept of business requirements such as ads or actual content produced by users.

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  • Phil StringfellowPhil Stringfellow, over 9 years ago

    Hey all. I'm Phil and I run Redsgned.

    I completely understand where all of you are coming from in terms of designers mostly leaving out ads, not doing a complete UX check, accessibility, content and so on. However, the main reason I started Redsgned is to just show what designers are putting their time into when they're not working on official projects or other work. The designs are done (mostly) for fun and so is Redsgned, hence why any feedback I include in the description for the posts isn't too critical.

    I didn't want the site falling into the usual cliche of designers berating one another over little things when the whole idea of the site was fun and a side-project of my own, something I hope you guys will appreciate.

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  • Darth BaneDarth Bane, over 9 years ago

    As a software designer I've had to deal with a lot of quasi-designers trying to tell me how to improve the aesthetics and functionality of my work, and some even go to the length of sending me their redesign, as if I would go "holy crap, take my job!".

    Just as Klein says, the most common thing they miss is that in the reality of product design there are many compromises that have to be made for business reasons. Your landing page can look amazing but convert 3% worse than the ugly landing page your CEO came up with...tough luck, guess which one we're going to use?

    That being said though, I enjoy looking at redesigns. They often feature at least a couple of good ideas, and some people are truly talented. I guess it can be very good skill practice at a semi-pro level, and you have to start somewhere.

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  • Marvin KennisMarvin Kennis, over 9 years ago

    About to send in a Redisgned redesign with the previous and next buttons in the right direction ;-)

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  • Cole TownsendCole Townsend, over 9 years ago

    One of my internet friends did a redesign, completely admitting that it missed 90% the necessities and ignored user experience, etc.. Still ended up on there.

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