• Kyle MitchellKyle Mitchell, 9 years ago

    Still have no idea what on earth this actually does.

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    • Jonathan Shariat, 9 years ago

      It's like wordpress but instead of being locked into php, you can interface with it however you like. And when it comes time to build an app, your site will be ready or if you want to change the site completely, you can.

      It has an excellent editor for writing content, editing images, etc

      The API allows for devs to plan changes and see how content will look before publishing.

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  • Robin RaszkaRobin Raszka, 9 years ago

    I also have no clue what the product does.

    But I'm really curious how the video was made, looks super crisp. Is it some sort of screen grab on rMBP with zoom? I'm totally lame with all this video stuff.

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  • Jimmy HookerJimmy Hooker, 9 years ago

    The site is really nice, but I gotta join the chorus of confusion in here and say that it is very hard to understand what they do, even after reading the FAQ.

    What problem is this actually solving? My best guess is that if you have a custom front end to your product/site/whatever, they have a CMS backend that you use to edit and deliver updates. So it would allow marketing to make updates to your content without developer input.

    Is that close?

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  • Joel LJoel L, 9 years ago

    This API-driven content management backoffice has such a different approach that I have no idea what the product does.

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    • Tim GauthierTim Gauthier, 9 years ago

      I suspect it is a lot like perch. I thought the site was pretty good ad describing the process, which is that this drives the data on your site, but you get to build the html (views) and then use this to fill in your content. Though somehow you have to build your controllers too this just acts as a pretty back end an model in the MVC process.

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  • Emily Campbell, 9 years ago

    Proof that a beautiful design is not always the most effective.

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  • mewo a, 9 years ago

    To those that are confused I'm fairly certain it's a decoupled cms - a bit like contentful https://www.contentful.com/. You manage all of your content for all of your sites and apps here and display the content on your site via an API. The documentation and even the video is quite confusing though.

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    • Aaron FisherAaron Fisher, 9 years ago

      See the Contentful video is great because unlike the Prismic one, it actually explains to you what it does in a super simple, straight to the point fashion.

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  • Daniel ArcherDaniel Archer, 9 years ago

    It seems like it works as a great CMS back-end for managing the actual articles and content that can then be served up to your site via API.

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