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I really suffer from this. I've been trying to get a website together and posted for 8 months now. I've probably started over 5-6 times and I'm never happy with anything I've made. Probably a symptom of sitting on the work too long - looks old to me, but likely wouldn't to someone else...

Anyone else have this problem? Anyone have a solution to it?

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  • Kenneth OrmandyKenneth Ormandy, 9 years ago

    I haven’t read Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work yet, but his first book was very good. It’s probably documents his process more than providing solutions, but I imagine it’s a good place to start—short of just “starting,” which I find equally difficult.

    Another suggestion I have is to tackle this goal with someone. The most successful I was at blogging was when I coordinated my schedule with someone else, and we both held each other accountable for posting.

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