ASK DN: Online resumes or PDF resumes?

over 10 years ago from , Designer

I am currently in the process of designing my resume, I am designing it in the browser and making it responsive. I am just wondering everyones thoughts on this.


  • Greg Mathews, over 10 years ago

    I have been applying to a lot of companies around the bay area lately and hardly anyone has asked for a resume!

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  • Thomas CharbitThomas Charbit, over 10 years ago

    i would do both !

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  • Jake Lazaroff, over 10 years ago

    Online résumé with a nice print stylesheet.

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  • Ketan Anjaria, over 10 years ago

    I made a responsive resume - http://resume.kidbombay.com/

    As someone who hires I think having a simple format is best. I want to be able to read it and know you do good work and can write well. For visuals it's different than a portfolio as you are showing some projects but not going in depth, that's what the portfolio or interview is for.

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  • Stephanie WalterStephanie Walter, over 10 years ago

    Corporate big companies will want the PDF resumé (once I was asked a "word" resume so that the guy could take notes...), but if you really want to show your work an online resume with some links to relevant work would be great. I also like the idea of print styles but I'm not sure all the companies will get that you can print it, so you might have to guide them with a big visuall indication

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  • J.T. TrollmanJ.T. Trollman, over 10 years ago

    As someone who's been in hiring roles, resumés aren't nearly as important as your portfolio. Sure, having a resumé is important — especially if you've worked on some impressive projects or at some eyebrow-raising companies, and definitely if you've worked at places that prevent you from showing too much work in your public portfolio (I'm looking at you, creative agencies). But putting a lot of work into a responsive resumé probably isn't a great return-on-investment in comparison to a responsive portfolio.

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  • Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, over 10 years ago

    gotta do both. online resume serves as a good showcase of your skills, but a lot of companies still require a PDF attachment with their applications.

    also, you'll need to print something to hand out in person.

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  • Aaron SagrayAaron Sagray, over 10 years ago

    If you are applying at a large company, they will ask for the resume in text or word format to feed it through their keyword processors. If that is the case, create a special version of the resume that is keyword stuffed to match the job description.

    You are basically doing SEO on your resume. You should do the same with your LinkedIn profile.

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  • Vincent Milliken, over 10 years ago

    Thanks guys, think I am going to go with an online resume with prints styles.

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  • Jason TiernanJason Tiernan, over 10 years ago

    Both! It shows your a couple skill sets at once that many don't take the time or effort to showcase.

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