Ask DN: I'm developing an OS X Designer News app and I'd love to know what special features you'd like to see

7 years ago from , OS X Developer. Currently studying Computer Science.

As the title says, I'm currently developing a Designer News OS X with a designer friend and I'd love to get some feedback from you.

What would you like to see in it? Any special features? Etc...

Thank you so for helping me make the best experience as possible with the OS X app, I'll work my butt off ;)

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  • Phil RauPhil Rau, 7 years ago

    Built-in Notification Center support for when people comment, reply, or if your karma goes up!

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    • Pedro VieiraPedro Vieira, 7 years ago

      from what I've seen in the Designer News API, there's no way of knowing your Karma, but I'll definitely look into that

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      • Elliott ReganElliott Regan, 7 years ago

        hack it? Record the votes from all of your submissions/comments, and compare it each time you check for updates?

        I haven't looked at the API, so I'm just guessing as to what is possible.

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        • Pedro VieiraPedro Vieira, 7 years ago

          yeah, I could do that, but with the API I don't have access to the user's posts. So asking the user to manually input them, that could be frustrating

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  • Allan GrinshteinAllan Grinshtein, 7 years ago

    Woah cool.

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  • Evan KnightEvan Knight, 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago )

    Something to sort news by badge type

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  • Art VandelayArt Vandelay, 7 years ago

    I'd love for you to send me $10 everytime I upvote someone.

    JK this is freaking awesome man! Can't wait to see it.

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  • Mike SpragueMike Sprague, 7 years ago

    What about a way to save or bookmark stories for future reading / reference?

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  • Joe Blau, 7 years ago

    Do most of these requests seem like features that should be added to the web client?

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  • David OngDavid Ong, 7 years ago

    I don't know if this was said already, but a save to pocket button would be nice.

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  • Kevin RabinovichKevin Rabinovich, 7 years ago

    A menu bar icon on which links can be dropped and from which posts can be quickly posted with one click.

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    • Pedro VieiraPedro Vieira, 7 years ago

      that's a very nice idea sir, indeed. but it seems like, with the API Designer News provides to the developers, currently there's no way of creating a new post. but I'll look into it later on. thanks!

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  • Jaime AscanioJaime Ascanio, 7 years ago

    Notifications! :D

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  • Evan PEvan P, 7 years ago

    The two that I would want to see

    • Send links directly to pocket
    • A dashboard for replies, akin to reddit, where I can see the reply and parent comment (instead of having to wade through the whole thread to find the reply)
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    • Pedro Vieira, almost 7 years ago

      about Pocket, like I said in another comment, I'm gonna do that with Pocket and more services :) and the dashboard for replies is definitely a great idea, I'll check that out ;)

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  • Alaik FAlaik F, 7 years ago
    • save url to bookmark services such as pinboard
    • split/dual internal browser, left side for DN page and right side for mentioned url
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  • Camilo SanchezCamilo Sanchez, 7 years ago

    this would be super nice!

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  • Pedro Vieira, 7 years ago

    I'm sorry, there's a typo, I meant to say "I'm currently developing a Designer News OS X client"

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