• Aaron SAaron S, almost 9 years ago

    You beat me to it, haha. I don't know about you guys, but this seems a little expensive to me, even with $50 discount? I could be wrong..

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  • Joe TurnerJoe Turner, almost 9 years ago

    If this becomes a tool that allows you to create fully functional sites for clients (non-pragmatic), then it's worth every penny. However, I'll be waiting for a review first before purchasing, or maybe even a demo with the first release?

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  • Robin , almost 9 years ago

    For what it's promising it seems like a reasonable price but I'd really want to see a fully featured trial before dropping on it.

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  • Osandi Sekoú, almost 9 years ago

    I'm with the rest of you. I'd love to test drive it to see whether or not it's the business.

    A trial would suffice before the preorder expires.

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  • Rıza Selçuk SaydamRıza Selçuk Saydam, almost 9 years ago

    I really don't like to see high price product that already crowdfunded

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  • Ryan WebsterRyan Webster, almost 9 years ago

    My hope for it will be for a much more efficient and condensed process between Wireframes > UI > Prototype, something I've been desiring for years.

    Currently, unless you design in browser (I don't know anyone who does and does it well), odds are you're losing all progress made between each of those hand offs.

    Typically you take your wireframes (lets say you use Omnigraffle to make a clickable prototype wireframe). Now, you have final wireframes and essentially throw all progress you made in wireframes away to begin designing in Photoshop. Next, you throw away all progress in Photoshop when you start slicing for front end. There are tons of gaps where all efficiency is lost.

    If Macaw is able to make this process feel much more of a refining method and condenses all three of those steps... its value will be 10 fold. Now I can take my wireframed prototype and start designing over it, without losing my prototype progress but visually enhancing the design. And now its ready for development.

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  • Cihad TurhanCihad Turhan, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )

    I currently own Macaw, it's good but it I think it takes time to get profession. The html/css output is fine. It doesn't feel like auto-generated code, it feels natural. As it's not version 1.0 yet, there are some interesting bugs (for example sometimes grid disappears magically) but technical team works hard and release updates frequently.

    About the price issue, I believe it's worth it. Think it as Adobe (Reflow+Dreamweaver)/2.

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    • Osandi Sekoú, almost 9 years ago

      Do you use it on current projects? How has it integrated into your workflow?

      I guess I'm sorta asking for a review :)

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      • Cihad TurhanCihad Turhan, almost 9 years ago

        Well unfortunately I'm busy with the projects I started earlier and gotta finish them then I'll go with Macaw. Currently, I only tested with some simple pages. For a real-case scenario, I'll do a review later on :) Till then, maybe you want to watch a screencast I just found. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0PkEGCI0yA

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