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    Hey folks, excited to share that Betafi is now in open beta after a year of co-creating the product with a small cohort of early users and customers. Still early days for us, but excited to get it out into the world so we can continue to iterate with the community!


    Betafi makes user research joyful. From user interviews to usability testing, we make it easy to capture and share ‘aha’ moments to achieve product impact.

    You can also: - Bring your Figma & XD prototypes - Use Betafi App inside Zoom - Export notes to Miro

    We have a really slick integration with e.g. Figma for usability testing => your recordings will be annotated by screen, and you can see where users click, struggle, and spend the most time across different flows.

    Do try it out and let us know what you think!

    We have a lifetime free plan (not a "trial"), and support unlimited collaborators per workspace!

    We truly want to help democratize user experience research and make it less intimidating to get started with a toolkit to support you along your journey.

    The product is currently centered around live, moderated video sessions, but we're hard at work on our async, unmoderated offering, and a ton of fun upcoming integrations to boot (FigJam, Google Meet, Notion, Slack are all on our radar... let us know what else you'd love to see!)

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