Joined talent network Braintrust and it's working out nicely.

6 months ago from , Designer

Hi DN!

I recently gave Braintrust a try, and it's been working out well thankfully. Thought of sharing in case anyone may find the platform useful to find remote jobs.

I leave my referral link (checked DN's rules again and it seems this is fine): Join Braintrust

There's a good bunch of jobs variety, mainly in tech, for designers (UX, Architects, Visual, Product) and developers (React, Web3, Salesforce, Full-Stack, Management...), and cools stuff for people doing Data Science for instance which seem interesting enough.

Anyways, hope some of you may find this valuable, I'm also at Toptal (Visit my Toptal profile, please provide thoughts if any!), but nowadays having multiple sources of work is very comfortable for remote/freelance workers.

Warm regards.