Gestalt principles in user interface design.

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How often have you, looking at the sky, happened to notice strangely shaped clouds that resemble animals or objects? How do we see intricate shapes just by looking at a fluffy drop of gas? This is how our brain works!

Awareness of this process will improve your design skills. It will teach you to condition the elements that are more effective to use in a given situation in order to influence perception, direct attention and change behavior. Create something useful, especially when looking for a purposeful, problem-solving, intuitive design;

Basic principles of gestalt: Occurrence, people tend to perceive the elements in their general outlined form. Revelation, people tend to recognize objects, even if they are not one whole. Multistability, people often identify certain things in different ways. Invariance, we can easily recognize simple objects regardless of their rotation, scale, color and displacement. Gestalt principles that will help you take a fresh look at web design. Proximity. Objects located nearby are identified as something more holistic than those that are far from each other. It can be used in web design to organize content and lay out layouts. The correct use of this principle will affect the perception of the content and the user experience. Closure - Several objects can be taken as something whole. Given a sufficient number of facts and factors, we can fill the picture with missing elements. With the help of this principle, we are able to minimize the number of elements that are necessary for the correct transfer of information. Continuation - objects that are on the same straight or smooth curve are taken as more connected than those that are scattered or located on a zigzag or dashed line.

Objects located on one straight line are accepted by us as something integral. The less angles and bends on the line, the more our brain unites elements. Conclusion Web design is a means of communication between oneself and the viewer. Basically, we are talking about performance and functionality. Gestalt principles are always relevant, they help you achieve the desired results, create a pleasant experience for users and great success for your business.