What's the hardest part of mobile app design for you?

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Hey, designers

We develop a mobile app tool and doing research about mobile design process.

Tell us about the hardest part of mobile app design?

Can you please share any difficulties from any stage: from discovery, user research, visual conception, etc to UX or final UI stages.



  • Robert Shearer, 1 year ago

    Hello, Thank you for asking for the hardest part of the mobile app design, In my opinion, the user interface is the most important and hardest part when it comes to the design and development of mobile applications. It defines how an app looks and interacts with the user. Although I have a little bit of knowledge in this sector, As my profession, I am an online gaming advisor at this platform casinosters where we shared the latest online casino gaming site offer and bonuses for those people who are interested to earn money by playing online games. But I am interested to learn mobile gaming app design and development.

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  • Helen Bess, over 1 year ago

    It's hard to say. From the point of view of a beginner, it is difficult to make an app that is complicated, requires specific knowledge of outside unrelated systems like web services and/or databases, and if you need to use specific areas of the local system like the accelerometer, compass, GPS, file system, etc. If you want to make a game that requires knowledge of 3D or other advanced animation techniques, you may also need to get yourself some new math skills. That's why a lot of people prefer using no-code builders. I've recently worked on an application for an online store using Pocketfied https://pocketfied.com/. It aims to help people transform a Shopify store into a mobile app. It was so easy that the work was done in few hours. IMHO, the key point of a modern mobile app tool is simplicity.

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    • Paul Mit, over 1 year ago

      Thanks, can't agree more!

      It seems that the best way to start the app is to choose something simple at the beginning. If only because of simply being confronted with the most complex technological things at once.

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