CSS1 CSS2 CSS3 difference

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CSS1 provides basic information about font, color, position and text attributes. This version has been widely supported by current browsers that parse HTML and XML.

CSS2.0 provides us with a mechanism so that programmers can make forms and interfaces without considering display and interface. The display problem can be solved by artists or programmers writing corresponding CSS2.0 styles later.

CSS2.0 is a brand-new style sheet structure promoted by W3C. It is completely different from the previous css1.0 or css1.2. CSS2.0 recommends a method of separating content and presentation effect. HTML elements can control the display effect through the style of CSS2.0, and can completely locate the appearance and style of the form without using the table and TD in the previous HTML, Simply use HTML tags such as div and Li to split elements, and then you can define the appearance of the form interface through CSS 2.0 styles.

CSS3 language development is towards modularization. The previous specification is too large and complex as a module, so it is decomposed into some small modules, and more new modules are added.