IOS performance optimization

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  1. Code execution efficiency

Data base on which the algorithm is based

Time complexity is a standard used to describe the efficiency of algorithm execution; Time frequency, that is, the time consumed by an algorithm to solve a problem

Compiler generated code quality and language execution efficiency

Input scale of the problem

The execution speed of the hardware

  1. Memory occupation

Memory is the basis for the operation of an application program. During the operation process, the code, data and resources of the application program should be loaded into memory. Ensuring a stable and reasonable memory occupation is one of the key points that developers need to pay attention to

  1. CPU burden and energy consumption

In the process of application running, too high CPU occupancy will not only heat the device and increase power consumption, but also easily cause crash

  1. Animation fluency

The fluency of animation mainly depends on the refresh frame rate of the interface. The so-called frame rate is the number of screen refreshes per second. The limit frame rate of IOS system is 60fps (before iPhone 13)

  1. Network cache

Seek optimization from the request process

Seek optimization from the number of requests

  1. Application startup time

During application startup, the following operations may be included:

Initialize core business (such as long link of instant messaging, game engine, etc.)

Check the login information

Initiate and request positioning

Read and restore cached data

Initialize the buried point tool, crash detection and crash reporting

Load various singletons

Analyze the incoming parameters and jump the module

  1. Application package size

Clear redundant resources

Package static resources

Bitcode optimization