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    Hey everyone,

    I have been working working on a tool to help designers and developers create Tailwind CSS prototypes and websites using a drag and drop interface with almost any edit option and custom code blocks to help you get started.

    Its called Windframe and it enables you create Tailwind CSS websites and prototypes visually in a very intuitive way, preview your designs and export your code to be used else where. Windframe comes with different templates you can customize and edit in almost any way you want. You can choose to edit using classes too if you are familiar with it or use the robust edit options available.

    Windframe also allows you to save your edited website or prototype and get back to it later on. You can keep updating your website each time from Windframe and export your code when you are done.

    I tried to make this a nice experience for developers and designers as much as possible and I am looking for new ways to also improve on this.

    So the simple steps to use windframe will be:

    • Drag and drop/Click any block

    • Edit almost anything on the block

    • Save your designs if you want to visit it later

    • Preview your designs and

    • Export your code when done.

    Been working on this for a while now and hoping this will be an awesome tool for creating websites and prototypes. Appreciate any feedback, ideas or thoughts on this.

    I also made a short video to show it in action you can check that out here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuYukfZjp7w

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