What are the best UI/UX Design resources platform?

3 months ago from , Digital Marketer

Hello Everyone! we are really excited to share the www.uihut.com Platform with 12000+ Design Resources in this community. UI HUT is a design platform for UX/UI designers, developers, and project managers. Instead of spending your time on a variety of tasks during the design process, UI HUT allows you to focus on what you love most. From last year our team working so hard to achieve our goal. That’s really excited for us that we getting users so rapidly and our user's feedbacks inspiring us to expand our services and features.


1000+ web Templates UI

2500+ Illustration

7000+ Icons

500+ Mobile Screen UI

100+ Web App UI

We are uploading Those & more design templates Everyday Our Website www.uihut.com Thanks a lot, everyone for your time

UI HUT https://www.uihut.com


  • Denial Wilsson, 11 days ago

    There are many resources now to help you learn more. Even use YouTube to help you find good lessons. Now web design is very important for companies, good ui / ux design for startups will always be in demand because it can make the product better

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  • Alexis Enache, 3 months ago

    Nicely done. Designers will love that. On the same note, I would like to share our website as well, which is not a competitor since our services are mostly created for coders. If you need ready-made and fully coded UI components and templates then you should visit Webpixels. Over 400 examples are crafted with Bootstrap 5. More to be added soon :)

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  • Naeem Khan, 3 months ago

    Excellent effort by UIHut. Magnificent resources created by them.

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  • AM IFTY, 3 months ago

    Their sense regarding UI/UX is remarkable. Surely a great initiative.

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