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  • Laszlo Schelhammer, 4 months ago

    Profession didn't change significantly in 15 years of being active. They wanted to get a fresh look for the 2020's that their users will like. The P lettermark was there to stay, yet we had several shots on the redesign. We created more than 40 variations in several directions. At the very end, Profession let their audience choose the best one.

    Profession.hu is a huge platform and massive database with tons of functions and subpages. We came up with some simple rules and a framework on how to change the visuals of all these pages without the complexity of rebuilding all of these parts from the ground up. We agreed on shipping these pages fast, and reiterate and enhance them later on the go. To this day we are continually improving these enhancements, in collaboration with the Profession team.

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