• Mark Vogelaar, 10 months ago

    Nice web design :) Also looks really easy. However, not sure about the value with AI coming up and many app templates these days. The USP of a designer/agency is that you get an app that is unique. Unique for your clients' needs. Unique for the clients' values. So, I kinda feel you get a lot of apps that look like each other with tools like this.

    Or what is the intended use of this wireframe software?

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    • , 10 months ago

      Hey Mark, Thanks for your comment. Stage wasn't made to replace a designer or agency. We think that Stage is a great starting point where you can really quickly and easily create a wireframe, discuss it with your client/teammates, and then export it to your design tool. And after that, start working on a unique design project.

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  • Anton Mishin, 10 months ago


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