A Comprehensive Guide on PSD to Drupal Conversion

6 days ago from , Web Developer

Drupal is a renowned Content Management System (CMS) that is written in PHP. It provides a vast number of features that are necessary for creating secure, scalable, and flexible sites.

There are lots of people and organizations that are utilizing it for developing and managing websites properly. This platform has emerged out as the most preferred choice for Drupal developers to build an impressive website.

PSD to Drupal theme conversion is the best method to provide your website an extra edge over the competitors. It is a smooth and fast process.

Many companies are available online that are providing affordable PSD to Drupal conversion service by using scripting languages, such as HTML and CSS. They are versed in the strategies for developing a wonderful Drupal website.

Converting PSD to Drupal can be understood in three simple steps. Let’s check them out:

Use Image Editing Software

PhotoShop is a popular image editing software that you can use for opening your PSD file. Next, the slicing of the image into multiple layers has to be done. For this, you have to select the “Slicing tool” from the toolbar. You have to save the sliced images in one folder. Keep the image folder with the themes’ folder.


Code the images using HTML and save page as “home.html”. Create a new page “style.css” and add CSS in the same as well. Now, you have to perform divisions so you can begin working on page design and mark the position of the content on your site. The divisions has to be done as .rightcontent, .aincontent, .topcontent, .topnav, and footerlogin.

Drupal Theme Integration on HTML

Install the latest version of Drupal and convert HTML to Drupal. Store theme files in a new folder. Open that folder simultaneously with “page.tpl.php”. Save down the page.tpl.php in front of the tag and update the changes that have been done in the file. Create a new theme directory and add changes that you have made in the last step in “style.css”.

After completing the conversion process, you can easily customize the content due to an intuitive interface of the Drupal. Though PSD to Drupal is an easy process, you have to build a better understanding of CMS. This will ensure that everything will be done in the right manner. If you are unsure, then you can appoint an expert PSD to Drupal developer as they have good knowledge and exposure to building such kinds of projects.

Final Words

So, these are the three main steps that are involved in PSD to Drupal conversion process. With the help of the above-mentioned steps, you can do the conversion seamlessly. It is an effective method for building a feature-packed website for a business.