What should I do if my client makes me unhappy during the collaboration?

1 month ago from , UI/UX designer

I've been working with a client for 3 months. I've been paid in an hourly basis so I'm actually satisfied with the pay. However, the client is the middle man between his boss and me, and he seems to use me as a tool, not a designer. Most of the time, he wouldn't listen to my design suggestion and follows whatever ridiculous design requirement asked by his boss.

I have a full-time job so I'm doing this project outside my 8 hours work time. In January, I spent 118 hours on this project apart from my full-time job. This made me mentally exhausted and broke up with my boyfriend. After this crazy month, I suspend the work with this client for about 2 weeks.

Now the dilemma is that after the break, I still feel it's tiring to do the work and feel stressed to communicate with the client about the work I'm doing for them but this project is a very good opportunity to enrich my portfolio and be my featured design work. This will be helpful for my future job hunting or getting more freelance work opportunity. I'm struggling with whether to give up the collaboration for better mental health now or bite the bullet for a better job opportunity for the future.

What's your suggestion? Thank you, dear designers.