Magento PWA

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MAGENTO PWA: BRINGS NATIVE APPS AND WEB APPS CLOSER PWA Magento is the Progressive Web Application technology that is aimed at bringing the experience of native apps and web apps closer. What does this mean? Practically, online shoppers are going to experience app-like shopping experiences via mobile and desktop devices equally.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? In general, progressive apps are awesome because they make using the online store more pleasant. The experience of customers is no more different regardless of the kind of device they use. Usually, when the website is loading for more than several seconds, the customers just close the tab. With Magento PWA, the workflow is quicker and nicer.

IMPROVED PERFORMANCE AND USER EXPERIENCE PWA combines the benefits of web apps and native apps, improving both usability and work effectiveness. First, Magento PWAs can use offline support, push notifications, and status updates, just the same way as native apps do. On the other hand, Magento PWA is flexible enough to provide a new experience to users.https://soft-loft.com/magento-pwa/