Should Adobe XD still be a beta product?

14 days ago from , Product Designer

I have been forced to embrace XD on a daily basis and I have weekly issues with the XD app and Adobe Cloud. I've read that XD left beta in 2017 and was shocked to know that it wasn't still in beta.

Additionally, the feature set still seems to be a bit lacking compared to most other mainstream tools.

Am I missing something? It appears that XD's success is based on the fact that it's bundled with other Adobe creative products.

Using an i9 MacOS Macbook Pro.

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  • Kyle Bollinger, 2 minutes ago

    Ok, looking though past posts it appears I'm not the only one who feels this way.

    Just a note: I do think it has a good trajectory and find the states useful but wouldn't choose it at this time for real work based on my needs.

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