Any good video/resource for people switching back from Figma to Sketch after 2 years?

2 months ago from , UI/UX Designer

I'm starting a new job and we're going to use there Sketch. After switching from Sketch to Figma (2 years ago) I used to use the new tool so much that now it's hard to switch back. And for the last two years, there were many changes not only on the Figma side but also on the Sketch side.

Do you know any good video/text that could summary the changes in the last one, two years? And how they are related to the Figma features.

Long story short: I'm ready to give second chance to Sketch. But in the last 24 months, there were so many new features in both tools so it's hard to switch smoothly.

Any recommendation?

PS I love Figma. I will try to convince the new team to use it but for now, I want to refresh my skills on a Sketch side. ;)