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  • Philip DavisPhilip Davis, 3 months ago

    Hey DN! I made a guide for designers who are interested in learning SwiftUI.

    There are a few things that were introduced when SwiftUI was announced that make it a great option for designers.

    1. Live Preview. Before Live Preview you needed to build your app each time you wanted to view a UI change. While this is fine for many software engineers, it makes visual changes slow and tedious. SwiftUI came with a visual representation of your views that updated in real time, similar to other design tools. It’s not instant, but it’s a big leap forward.

    2. Full Platform Support SwiftUI is supported on all the apple platforms. iOS, WatchOS, MacOS, iPadOS, and tvOS apps can all be built using the framework.

    3. Knowledge Carryover If you’re familiar with web frameworks like React.js, or concepts FlexBox, or auto-layout there’s a lot of carryover to working with SwiftUI. The fact that it has a declarative syntax means you can do a lot with a very little amount of code. It feels productive. I’ve found that layout system is much more intuitive than the constraint systems that were used before.

    I made this guide because most resources I found were tailored to engineers.

    Happy to answer questions if you've thought about jumping in!

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