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2 months ago from , UX Designer

I wanted to know what everyone (UI, UX, IA, Devs) was using in their daily workflows. I have been given the opportunity to help decide what tool set we will be using from a UX Design perspective going forward.

Currently, we're primarily using Sketch. However, it create some heartburn having to build out a prototype in Axure and then have something to hand off for development. We are exploring adding Abstract and/or Zeplin into our tool set but I'm not yet sold 100% thats is the correct route either.

Our devs are currently using Storyboard.js for their development library - I would like to integrate into that with one of our tools to help keep one group from getting the short straw when it comes to handoff.

Any suggestions? Open to looking at InVision, Figma, anything else the community thinks works...

What we already have access to: Sketch Axure Storybook.js Adobe Creative Suite

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  • Chris PorterChris Porter, 1 month ago

    Here's my stack as (Digital) Design Engineer. Im usually designing websites and apps. I also code my designs and create coded design systems for devs.

    Design Software: Figma, Adobe Photoshop

    Dev Apps & Frameworks: Visual Studio Code, Github & Gitlab, Hyper, Middleman, Bootstrap, Wordpress, Contentful, Shopify

    Dev Languages: HTML, CSS3, SCSS, SLIM, Javascript, Rails, PHP

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