• Andrew C, 25 days ago

    For remote Zoom is by far the best tool I've encountered.

    You can share your screen AND mouse control to give the user access to the thing you'd like to test (while it still being secure)... and you can record which is the best way. Additionally because the interviewee has screen share you can easily ask them to 'show' you what they mean or their process and collect precious secondary artifacts.

    Then after the fact Zoom's transcription service helps you search some of the results. We do this where I work where you can search key words in research and it brings up a bunch of sources and links.

    Zoom of course won't recruit participants for you. So if you need that then you're out of luck (imo I prefer to build relationships with the people testing for longer term ethnographic stuff).

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  • Tadeáš AdamjakTadeáš Adamjak, 26 days ago

    I tried multiple remote research tools and I stuck with UXtweak for unmoderated testing and I use it for moderated testing as well but in combination with google meet or Zoom - this combination works nicely for me and I save a ton of money by only needing one tool.

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  • Etienne Garbugli, 27 days ago

    Moderated or unmoderated?

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