No more 'lost-in-translation' designs with Anima 4.0. — the first design-to-development platform. [animapp.com]

1 month ago from , CEO @ Anima App

Hi Designers,

We are thrilled to announce Anima 4.0. is now available!

Bring together developers and designers and collaborate over real code.

DEVELOPER FRIENDLY CODE — Anima saves you precious time by translating design into workable React code Clean, reusable code components that developers actually like to use.

CODE OVERRIDES — Select any component to override Anima’s code and see your overrides rendered in real-time.

CODE-BASED PROTOTYPES — Go from design to realistic prototype faster using your design tools. Transform static screen designs to fully interactive code-based high-fidelity prototypes that act like the real deal (because they are).

DESIGN TO DEVELOPMENT COLLABORATION — Anima streamlines design and development collaboration by transforming the handoff into a continuous and integrated process.

Learn more out animapp.com. We'd love your have your feedback <3

Avishay and the Anima team